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Sharing the "Secret" to free people search and how to use the internet to find people free.

Like most people, I have had family and friends who either slipped through the cracks of life or through circumstance lost contact with me. There were times when vital records were misplaced and needed for some terribly important something or public records were needed to do something else. We all have our stories, but end up here on the internet hoping to find people free. Free people searches are easy to do in a sense, but if a person can't see around the ideas behind a site they are using, the information might as well not even be on the web. Some people who almost never use computers can make themselves open to being placed and found on the internet in several different ways, some without a direct connection to the internet initially. Postal Junk Mail, Telemarketers and news media are some of the obvious ones. Going to jail, owing child support or being a licensed beautician are some others.

First, and most important to finding people free on the internet, NO SOURCE IS ABSOLUTE!

Search Engines and Getting Started.
Start out using search engines to find a person by name, add the location you suspect the person being in or having been in the past...check the results. Using "Quotations" around your request will get EXACT results from the search engine (in your search results, the words John Smith will be together in a sentence instead of apart on the page) You can add a "+" sign to add more to the request  "John Smith" + Arlington, VA to get more specific, but generally, you can type in a simple request like this "john smith Arlington VA" (without the quotes). If the results are not helpful, try loosening the search by using just the persons name and city, then if necessary, even more with just the name.

If you don't find John Smith on Google, that doesn't mean they know it all about John Smith. Try MSN Search, then others. Eventually you will notice two things; the type of results you get from different types of search engines and which search engines are using the same results. This is the best way to start your search because most search engines theses days are updating constantly or have current public access information, like newspapers and online news sources.

Dig Deeper and Try Your Luck With Free People Search Sites.
When you go looking for free search sites, don't use complicated terms, be simple and to the point: free people search, free people searches, find people free, people searches and so on. Good sites are spread out all over the place and may show up higher in a search engine when using different phrases. Usually, you are going to find sites that have multiple search boxes to search engines or directories and they are all in one spot too. No running from site to site if you can help it. Others also have a range of links to other searches or pages of links to information that might help you directly, usually State or Country specific.

Another useful feature of some free people search sites is a forum, blog or some means of posting your search for the public to find. The more often you can post, "I'm Looking For John Smith From Arlington Virginia" on the internet, the more likely someone who knows John will run into it or John will find it himself, just don't go giving out too much information like social security numbers.

While using a free search site, use all the searches possible, even the email search. You may think that long lost Uncle John never got into computers, but you might find him to be a big geek now with several email addresses. The process of going from one source to the next is to gather information to add or use in a future search. If you can narrow down a specific area in a state, that would be perfect. Using public records would be the next, if not final step if you haven't achieved your goal by now.

Public Records To Find A Person.
You may be thinking that using Public Records is an obvious way to find someone, but try to be creative in your public record searches. One cool trick is; a person can be tracked down by their occupation if they are licensed or certified by the state they work in. More than half the states give access to the public to verify if a person claiming "Licensed" of "Certified" status really is, often to the extent of revealing either home address or where they are or have been employed, sometimes both! Court records are often the same, offering plenty of information that is free to the public, even if the person didn't commit a crime, some states. counties and cities will post all public records and results from court proceedings.

Here's more tips for state and local searches:

  • Most sites are different, be aware that one website might call Vital Records Vital Statistics or Records Registry. Different states have different job titles and duties for some of their vital statistics staff or the departments that handle birth certificate, divorce certificate, death certificates or marriage license records. Look harder and not always for the obvious.
  • Police Departments and Corrections Facilities often keep records, some posted, to any activity and may report on both parties in an altercation. Maybe Uncle John got his car stolen.
  • USE YOUR PHONE! Some of the smaller or limited local sites won't have the information online, like divorce records, but a phone call and friendly attitude can often get plenty of info.
  • Write a letter - for the same reasons as above.
  • Local Governments like to post minutes and records from public meetings including names and addresses of those involved.
  • Schools and facilities often post searches or information they have on people that they are either looking for or have found. Being smaller sites it may be something a search engine overlooked.

Moral Here: Try to be creative in your public record searches

The Difference Between Pay For Records Sites and Free People Search Sites.
Besides money, the biggest difference is that the pay site probably has databases of public records information on people that they bought from utility companies, mugshots and other collection sources, while the people search site relies on information that is publicly accessible from the internet. For instance; InfoUSA licenses it's data to other popular companies who run search services as well as selling records to the public. offers limited information on their partner sites. like, but for detailed or extensive information, you will be directed to the main site to pay for a report that may contain accurate or stale information.

Another difference is between the types of free sites you'll find is a lot of the popular sites in search engines are merely gateways to "Pay" sites. The pages are designed to be search engine friendly but the search really is to take you to some pay site and all the links on the first site lead to the pay site. There is no real content to be found. You can always try them to see how much they are willing to give for free, but the curse is that some use the information you give them to make mirrored results, results that look accurate, making you think you're on to something.

Perseverance - The Best Search Assistant.
Sometimes searching for something on the internet, like a great deal on computers, is fun or exciting even. Looking for a person on the web may feel like work, and it often is, but you can't let dead ends be dead ends, just corners. I mentioned earlier that no source is absolute, so don't think it's over or hopeless if you have only been at it a few hours, some of us took months to find the right sources to put together our brother's address and phone number, but in the end it was done and we are all happier for it.

If you are successful with free searches, GREAT, but understand, there are some folks who have stayed in such a place in life that they just didn't end up being placed on the internet. You may find that a reputable pay site is the only one who has the answers from a public record source they bought and if the person you are looking for is important enough, of course you'll pay. Make sure the pay for search site is certified or verified somehow so that they have to follow some standards of business before you purchase anything from them and that they will protect your privacy. One that provides a "No Results, No Pay" policy is best.

In the end, use your best judgment. If you can afford to get it over with, pay now, but for the rest of us, keep trying until you are certain you have done your absolute best to exhaust all the free resources that are available, the person you are searching for might appreciate it as much as you.

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